TFL Gun Guy is on the air!!!

March 26, 2017 – Hello – My name is Thomas F. LaRocca… and I am TFLGunGuy!  I am the President and Lead Instructor for TFL Gun Guy, Inc.

If you are interested in taking a class – please call or email me.

If you want an individual or a group class for you and your friends… I will come to you for the classroom portion.  The shooting portion can be done at your local Range or one that will allow us to Rent Lanes as a group.


Illinois Concealed Carry – 1st & 2nd 8-hour Course ($130 ea+ Shooting)

Florida Concealed Carry (8-hour Course – $130 + Shooting)

Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal Course (3-Hour class + Shooting – $100)

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course (8-hour, Inst. Led only – $130 + Shtg)

NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course (8-hour – $150 + Shooting)

NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course (10-Hour – $160 + Shooting)

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (8-Hour – $150 + Shooting)

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (14-Hour – $200 + Shooting)

NRA Defensive Pistol Course (6-Hour – $150 + Shooting)

Personal Marksmanship Training with Rifle or Pistol… and 

In-Home Training or Threat Assessment available.

Discounts available for

Friends & Family, Returning Students, or NRA Members